Introducing Miss BRAG !!

Growing up isn't easy…and girls are growing up or maturing much faster than they did a decade ago – primarily because of the lifestyles we lead especially the food we eat. Filled with chemicals that keep pests away, help them ripen faster, hormones that help them grow larger, more colourful … What we didn’t anticipate was that these chemicals can interfere with the hormones in our body, forcing us to mature earlier as well. Girls start their periods as early as 8, breasts begin developing before that. It's awkward when the world can see your body changing and you feel too embarrassed to wear your favourite tee. It’s a bit too much to deal with too early but we’re here to demystify it!


My breast buds are beginning to show, HELP!?

As you grow from a child into a young girl, your body transitions for a few years just before you hit your teens and may continue into your early teens. This begins with your breast buds developing, hair growing in your armpits and other parts of your body and eventually your monthly periods. When breast buds start developing, you could feel some tenderness around the area and not be comfortable with anything too tight or even the slightest touch. However it could also lead to a bit of awkwardness if you feel these changes are showing through your clothes. Worry not! Miss BRAG is here! Miss BRAG is BRAG’s kid sis – developed keeping all these changes in a YOUNG GIRLS body at the heart of every product.


You’ve probably reached the stage where a basic camisole doesn’t do the trick. You could start with wearing a snug fitted Miss BRAG Beginner Camisole that can be found on our YOUNG GIRLS’ section. The Beginner’s camisole combines the all-over-torso cover with a gently elasticated underband that gives you a snugger fit around the chest. The snug fit will help stretch over the curves and give you a smoother finish under your favourite tees. We’ve also infused the cotton with elastane (the stretchy fibre commonly called Spandex or Lycra). This helps the fabric stretch and take the shape of your body.


When Do I Need To Start Wearing a Bralette or Bra?

Your breast buds start developing around when you're around 8 - 10 years old. Some of you may start feeling a little tender around the breast and a little over-sensitive to touch for a little while. Don't worry, this is normal! As your breast buds start growing you may feel awkward about wearing your favourite fitted T-shirt or tops made of thinner fabric. If you dont feel completely comfortable in our Beginner’s Camisole below your T shirt, then it’s the right time to start wearing a Beginner Bra / Bralette . Try one of our Miss BRAG Bralettes from the YOUNG GIRLS’ section here! We have a range of double-layered beginner bras & bralettes that are made keeping your sensitive skin in mind that use light but firm elastic to give you the right kind of support.

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