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Brag was born out of a shared passion between Simeran Bhasin and Ivy Chin – classmates & best friends. What started off in a Lady Shri Ram College Hostel room in 1995, as a regular crib session on the lack of good Indian innerwear brands, eventually turned into a casual discussion 16 years later, on the fun they could have if someone let them loose to create their own brand! After discussing the name Brag, they both got lost to the challenge of getting enough sleep during motherhood!
5 years later, their families prodded them to start-up, telling them that they had built brands and balance sheets for others, and now it was time to create something for themselves. That was all it took to stoke their fierce independent streaks. Coming from entrepreneurial families, they knew what they were getting into and letting go of - the comfort of the structured corporate world, the influence that came with their positions, corporate backing and a regular income. On April 4th 2016, after 16 years in the corporate world, Simeran and Ivy signed off as CMO of Wildcraft & CFO of GE Water (APAC) respectively and turned entrepreneurs.

About Us

Why Brag?

Why not?

It’s only the coolest thing since, forever. Who knew bralettes could be the coolest thing in your wardrobe? Erm, WE DID.
Bralettes: call it inner wear, call it a top, call it everything in between. It's the ultimate collection of innerwear that’s super stylish and ultra-comfortable. We promise, you won't stop raving about it, or better yet, bragging about it.

BRAG solves all your bra issues. We've ditched the underwire, we've flexed out the fabric and we've added the most trending styles. So, drop the bras cause it's painful and raise a cup to this beautiful makeover of an innerwear.

Say hello to your Breast Friend Forevah!